You have successfully uploaded a layer or a document on WINS, or created and saved a map. For the moment, your layer, document or map is not yet published (i.e. made visible and accessible for all, contributors or simple users).

For now, your item is only visible by yourself, the manager of the group to which the layer, document or map is linked (this information is filled in the metadata, See Section II.1.c.i. of the User Guide), the members of this group, and the WINS Administrators.

Before being published, the layer, document or map will follow a two-stage review process, which is described below (Figure 41):

Figure 41: From upload to publication: the review process on WINS

III.1. The group Manager approval

Here, the role of the Manager of the group to which your layer, document or map is linked is to check that the uploaded item is correct. Particularly, in the case of a layer or a map, it consists of checking that the chosen cartographic representation and the style are fitting but also that the discretization is appropriate.

The Manager must also check that the metadata are properly completed and that the mandatory information (Title, Abstract, Edition, Keywords, Category, Group, Region) are filled.

If needed, the Manager can contact the contributor responsible of the layer, document or map in order to report potential comments or request clarifications.

Members of the group can also take part in the reviewing process and give some potential inputs to the responsible of the layer, document or map.

When the Manager considers that the layer, document or map is ready to be published, he should approve it. To do so, the Manager goes to the layer, document or map page, then opens the Wizard in order to edit the metadata. In the Settings tab, the manager checks the Approved box, and then updates the metadata and saves the changes (Figure 42):

Figure 42: The approbation process of an item by a Manager

Following this approval, the WINS Administrators receive a notification informing them that an item is now waiting for publication (Figure 43):

Figure 43: An approved layer, waiting for publication by the WINS administrators

III.2. The publication by the WINS Administrator

Prior to the public release of an approved layer, a document or a map, the Administrator of the platform performs a final validation of the item and its metadata, notably to check that it is in line with UNESCO policy.

If needed, the WINS Administrator can contact the Manager who has approved the layer, document or map, as well as its responsible.

Once the layer, document or map is validated, the item is made public by the Administrator. It can now be viewed, accessed, and downloaded in accordance with the Permissions set by the responsible contributor (See Section II.1.c.iii.).