The IHP-WINS platform allows you to communicate by message with other users and groups of users. To send a message from your profile, click on Message user in the tab section on the right of the page. You can also click on the envelope logo on the top corner right of the page (Figure 50).

Figure 50: Access your message

The user can also contact directly another user by clicking on People in the menu bar in the header. All of the registered users are displayed on this page. To contact them, click on their profile or use the search tool on the left of the page and write the username you are looking for (Figure 51).

Figure 51: How to send a message to another user

The user’s profile who you want to send a message will appear. Click on the tab section Message user to contact him/her (Figure 52).

Figure 52: Send a message to a user

The user can also send messages to a group or groups. To do that, the user has to be a member of this/these group(s) (Figure 53). Once your message is written, click on the blue button Send message.

Figure 53: How to send a message to user(s), group(s)

To reach your message, click on the mailbox which is on the top right corner of the main-page. You can also click on your username on the top right corner, then on the Inbox link on the new pop-up window (Figure 54).

Figure 54: Reach your messages

A new page will open and will permit you to consult your messages. Click on the subject of the message to open it. Then you will be able to reply to your correspondent thanks to the text window just below the message. Click the blue button Send Reply to send the message (Figure 55).

Figure 55: How to access to the messages, open them and reply

Only the unread messages are displayed on the Inbox Inbox tab on top of the page. To access to all of the messages, including the already reading ones, click on the All tab. The user can also send a message from his/her mailbox by clicking the blue button Create Message (Figure 56).

Figure 56: How to access to the messages from the mailbox and send a message